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We will remember them

The article below may contain outdated information.

The striking Step Short memorial stands at the eastern end of Folkestone Leas in memory of WW1. Prince Harry officially unveiled the memorial in 2014 to mark the beginning in 1914 of this dreadful conflict, often referred to as ‘The war to end all wars’.

Origin of the name Step Short is fascinating. At the eastern end of the Leas is a very steep hill, once named Slope Road, leading down to Folkestone harbour. During the years between 1914 -18 the harbour was a major embarkation port for soldiers destined for the Western Front in France.

Thousands upon thousands of troops from the nearby Shorncliffe Military Camp were assembled  along the Leas in readiness for the march down to the waiting ships in the harbour. The steepness of Slope Road was such that the order to the troops was ‘Step Short’, thus shortening their stride and allowing a safe march to the port.

After the war, Slope Road was renamed Road of Remembrance.

The Step Short Memorial Arch and nearby War Memorial are fitting tributes to the thousands of troops who passed through Folkestone and they will be commemorated with a service and parade to mark 100 years since  the end of WW1. The service and parade will commence on Remembrance Sunday 11th November 2018 between 10.45am – 12 noon.

Further commemorations to mark 100 years since Armistice & the end of WW1 will be held on Sunny Sands Beach, Folkestone November 11th 2018, where Danny Boyle invites communities around the UK to say goodbye. Find out more about by visiting: www.pagesofthesea.org.uk.

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